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Today a lot of different reality shows are being created on television. Often they are devoted to the theme of finding a lover or a man of his dreams. Spectators with pleasure watching the unfolding battles. They sincerely believe that all the participants in an ambitious television project most want to find their love and build a relationship. The series is a clear confirmation of the fact that television characters live a completely different life. It has nothing to do with the screen image. In the center of the plot of the multi-series film are young guys and girls. They are ambitious and want to win the show. For this they are ready for anything. Girls are capable of even the most brutal acts to remove competitors from the road. In this respect, the guys do not lag behind. Some of the characters even have time to visit the status of a hostage. Desperate attempts to win their place under the sun often pass before the producer of the show, but he does nothing to stop the ongoing lawlessness. The closest assistant and at all skillfully manipulates the participants of the competition.

Seasons: 2 3
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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