The Bachelor

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The main character Jimmy has been living with the girl for 3 years, she and Ann have a happy mutual love, a sense of happiness and harmony, mutual understanding, but the man is not ready for marriage! It frightens him. And when Anne catches a bridal bouquet at the wedding, the guy realizes that it's time to bring some kind of line, it's impossible to drag on. That is, we must decide to make a proposal to the beloved. But what is happening to him is frankly gloomy, in black colors: the end of freedom, limitations, in general, he approaches a romantic gesture, sacred for couples almost like punishment. Is it any wonder that the girl refused him, despite careful preparation? And then suddenly Jimmy's grandfather dies and leaves him a video message in which he says that if he does not marry before his Birthday, then he does not see an inheritance the size of a fortune. And the guy just started trouble at work, related to the need to reorganize the company. In a word, a million dollars would not have prevented it! Jimmy tries to persuade Anne to explain the situation, but the conflict between them is getting stronger. Time is running out, overexcited girls are beginning to run around the city, having learned about this unusual condition of the will. Many of them are immediately ready to become wives! Beautiful millionaires on the roads are not lying around!

Seasons: 22 23
IMDb icon 3.1/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
  • Budget: $3,000,000
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