Endeavour Season 6 watch online

A great series in the style of classic English detectives, where everything is there to prevent the viewer from tearing himself away from the screen - a slow story, a high intellect and unconditional intelligence of the protagonist, whose professional look will not escape any detail, like a watercolor in pastel colors, landscapes and music , absolutely corresponding to the picture. The plot is built in such a way that the viewer has to break his head over what will follow next, who is the criminal is far from obvious, unlike many modern TV series. Step by step the inspector conducts the investigation, it seems just about, but before the viewer is allowed to approach the solution, it is impossible to understand what will be in the final. Unsightly appearance Endeavor Morse, after graduating from Oxford, comes to work in the police of the town. From the first days, an amazing transformation is happening - in appearance a gray mouse demonstrates an extraordinary mind, a phenomenal intuition, and, strange as it may seem to a person who does not have his own experience of investigations, professionalism. He is real, not trying to please others, fighting for justice and honestly doing his job. A qualitative, well-made film deserves the highest marks.

Seasons: 5 6
IMDb icon 8.6/10
  • Country: UK
  • Language: English
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