Hell's Kitchen

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Since 2005, Fox has broadcast a fascinating TV show with the participation of the most talented American chefs. Participants must undergo a lot of culinary tests in pursuit of the main prize - their own modern restaurant. During the transfer, which was conducted by the famous chef Gordon Ramzi, the applicants performed various tasks to prepare the most complicated dishes, and the one who provided the finished product as tasty as possible (according to the chef's estimates) got into the next round. Participants were divided into two teams, and after each test the losing team had one of the chefs drop out. Do you think that this show was only cooking lessons? Nothing of the kind, there were no less passionate passions here than in any feature film! The people, competing with each other, accused the competitors of various troubles, tried to do any harm, because their dream was at stake - their own elite institution, which will ensure their constant profit, because the winner of the show will receive the honorary title of the best chef in the US. After entering the screens of "Infernal Cuisine", screenwriters from different countries adopted an interesting idea and began to produce similar shows on national television. This fate has not bypassed Russia, we broadcast the TV program was engaged in the TV channel REN-TV, and the prizes were impressive amounts of money.

Seasons: 17 18
IMDb icon 7/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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