Lip Sync Battle

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An entertaining show with the participation of modern stars and celebrities, where they will have to fight the jury not with their own voice, but with a talent to sing to the phonogram. Directed by Beth McCarthy. Leading Al Qul Jay and Chrissie Teagan. On modern television there is a real struggle for the audience, so the producers constantly invent the show to attract a new audience and hold ratings. This time the bet is made on popular actors and singers of America who will jump on stage, improvise and try to enter the image, singing songs to the soundtrack. It's not even karaoke. Everyone likes to bend under the plywood, sing and portray the behavior of the stars from the TV. Now it's officially allowed on television. Unlike the broadcasts in search of talent, here they are already found. They do not have the opportunity to take advantage of their natural abilities, beautiful voice and skills in singing. It is necessary to bet only on the actor's charisma, plasticity and charm. It will be interesting to watch the favorite actor, who tries to bite under Mike Jackson or Eminem. This attracted famous and cheerful TV presenters, who will try to make this show more attractive and less terrible. If you want to spend time without boredom, then you can turn on the video and enjoy an uncomplicated storyline and funny moments. Will help to distract after work and drive away bad thoughts. It's always interesting to see the reincarnation of your favorite actors, that for a moment they will become quite different people. For example, Ann Hathaway suddenly began to skate on a ball and sing the famous hit Miley Cyrus.

Seasons: 4 5
IMDb icon 7.3/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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