Jane the Virgin

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The main character of the series "The Virgin" (Jane the Virgin) grew up under the influence of a strict grandmother. 23-year-old Jane is a model of modesty and chastity. She is not like her peers, who at this age have long been no longer virgins. Jane leads a humble life and, despite this, she has a fiancé. True, the relationship they have is platonic, but the guy, like any man, wants intimacy. However, the upbringing of Jane does not allow to respond with the consent to the indiscreet offers of the groom. According to the girl everything should happen only after the marriage, when the guy becomes a legitimate husband. But in life, much is not happening as we would like. One day, Jane went to see a gynecologist, who abruptly changed her whole life. It turned out that at the usual reception there was an accidental artificial insemination and now the girl is pregnant, although she herself has never entered into an intimate relationship with a man. Before Jane is not an easy choice, and besides all of her sensible relatives are simply terrified of what happened. The groom is in perplexity, and the girl wants to get acquainted with the biological father. The man was married and also not happy with the early paternity, the more the mother of a future child is an unfamiliar woman.

Seasons: 4 5
IMDb icon 7.8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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