High Maintenance

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The plot will tell about a young marijuana man who can deliver goods to any place in New York without any problems. Each episode reveals the life of new characters, their fate and why they are addicted to drugs. In some countries, the sale of weak drugs is permitted. This makes life easier for fans to relax with the help of all kinds of substances. What to do if in your city sale is prohibited by law? You need to contact a reliable dealer who will be able to deliver the goods during and will not lead the cops. According to the plot, the main character does not even have a name. All of it is simply called a "guy". His work is not dusty, he pretends to be a pharmacist at a local drugstore in Brooklyn. Aliens do not serve, because it can be policemen undercover. All lovers of marijuana know who to contact. Once you just call the pharmacy, how your order will be accepted by the "guy". The hero jumps onto his bike and sets off on the streets of New York to deliver the product exactly to the address. Of course, hardly in his childhood he dreamed of such a profession. He is a good-natured and cheerful lad, always ready to help. The post of the courier he successfully combines with the work of the psychoanalyst. Clients like to confess to him and talk about how they all came to this life. The herbal helps them to relax and get rid of depression. The plot line is interesting in that it reveals the fate of colorful characters, showing how they have come to such a life.

Seasons: 2 3
IMDb icon 8/10
  • Country: USA
  • Language: English
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